A Better Game

We want to make a better game, a _role-playing_ game where the notion of "role" is taken seriously, where the stories that are made in the game can be (and are) re-told.

We want to open the way for heroes. Heroes that sacrifice, heroes that are forged from members of a culture, a society, and a family and who matter more because of it.

We want to make something more than an mercenary's amusement park, something more deep and more unexpected.

We want craftsmanship to *matter*. And teaching, and statesmanship, and leadership, and exploration, and guile, and creative problem-solving, and the patient study of the arcane. We want them to matter like they do in all the best stories, the ones that we're still telling hundreds, even thousands of years later.

This is a record of our journey, a path that's ever-unfolding. The ground has been laid, the scaffolding erected, and with a bit of patience and the grace of the gods of Making, we will forge our world.